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  • Octocopter, aerial, paul raats
  • Octocopter, aerial, paul raats
  • Octocopter, aerial, paul raats
  • Octocopter, aerial, paul raats
  • Octocopter, aerial, paul raats

The OctoCopter

How inspiring is it, being busy with our passion to create unique content (see, to came across an unmanned helicopter that can shoot pictures and record video in the air? End of 2010 we started researching the pro’s and con’s, in spring 2011 we took our first pictures and were amazed by the quality and the results. The perspectives we can now realize are in many ways unique, especially compared to the much more expensive airplanes and helicopters.

How it works

OctoCopter Aerial Photography and Video

Our OctoCopter, classified as rotorcraft, has 8 engines, connected by wires to the a pc board, that controls with the help of software the gyroscopes. Based on 2.4 Ghz. radio frequency transmission, the OctoCoper is flown by a pilot on the ground with a remote control. On the ground, we can see the view of the camera using a live video link built in the OctoCopter. We always work with 2 persons for safety reasons and quality. With a second remote control the photographer/cameraman can move the camera left or right and up and down. The flight time is around 10 minutes and based on 2 special batteries. In case of technical issues the OctoCopter will come back automatically to it’s starting point.

Safety, regulations and law

Safety always comes first when using the OctoCopter. We do have permits to make aerial work and special covenants with the main airports to operate in the special zones (CTR). We strictly follow those procedures and communicate our flights when needed.

Our company was part of the initiative to start an official branch association, to deal with safety, certification, training and law. As of November 2011 DARPAS was founded of which we are an official member.

When to use the OctoCoper

It’s predicted that the use of remote pilot aircraft systems will grow significantly. In general used for inspections, crowd management, commercial photography & video, surveillance etc. We work exclusively for the Dutch Press Agency ANP, local newspapers and magazines, so journalism is a specific area. Furthermore we do work for several real estate companies where we offer turnkey photo packages (air & ground). When it comes to video, we work for corporate companies, to make complete commercials or get hired by production companies to deliver shoots for movies. For the construction sector, we perform inspections and infrared services.

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Paul Raats OctoCopter Aerial photography and video

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